Next Horizon

Gaming Community supporting Teams and Players since July 2015.

Next Horizon was founded in July 2015. Over several months we have been able to provide players with a great community to hang out with and several servers for CS:GO.

Next Horizon is split up into several divisions with their own head leaders. These represent us in games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, World of Tanks and soon hopefully many more!

Our biggest division currently is CS:GO. We always try to keep it fresh for our members by organizing events and providing servers to play on! 2 CS:GO Teams played under the Next Horizon name and we are looking for a new one!

The World of Tanks division is our second division and started in January 2016 to expand our community even further.

We are looking for players to create a Dota 2 division in Next Horizon. If you are interested get in touch via the forum.

Have a group of friends and want to lead a division in other games in our community? Get in touch on the forums!

We are always looking for people who want to be part of our community. If you are playing one of the main games you support or want to start a new division then sign up for on our member application forum below!

Want to join? Sign up on the forum today!

We have hosted all kinds of servers, from competitive to arena mode. We want to provide our members the best possible experience with the best possible servers running 24/7.

Having a way of communicating in a community is key, that's why we decided to run a TeamSpeak Server for all our members to hang out and play together.

We are working days and nights to bring back RTL language layout for the RTL community. Purity III will be RTLized pretty soon. Stay calm and hang in there, guys.